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Counter Strike - RP MOTD Empty Counter Strike - RP MOTD

Post by WiseC1213 on Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:59 pm

These are the rules and regulations for CTG's original gamemode: Counter Strike - RP.

1. No RDM
2. An account on this forum is crucial for some RP. Sometimes it is required.
3. No Fail RP (for mods only). If you're under arrest, you can run, if you want to put you life on the line.
4. No alternate accounts to avoid punishment.
5. No impersonating staff.
6. No impersonating commanders.
7. No whining.
8. No screaming.
9. Micspam is allowed under circumstances.
10. You can steal vehicles. Just know you'll be KOS, and probably put to death. I mean, I won't ban you.
11. No false RDM.
12. No chat spam.
13. No telling staff what the rules are. Just contact
14. Don't tell people how to RP. We can all RP in our own autistic way. Unless it's really autistic, then I'll ban you.
15. No "hakking the srver bcuz mi dad is 1337 h4ker at mocrosift."
16. No spreading your cancer throughout the server we pay for.
17. No spamming our steam accounts. I'll just ban you. I have no ethics.
18. No spamming the forums. I will ban you. Again, no ethics.
19. No telling me somebody is *triggering* you. Ask em to stop. If they don't, I like gimps.
20. No not following the rules. Nice double negative, eh?


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